Camp Rules and Dress Code

Pinecroft Camp Rules
Violation of the following rules will result in an automatic dismissal from camp:

  1. Either having possession of or having consumed alcohol while at camp.
  2. Possession or use of illicit /illegal drugs.
  3. Being outside your cabin after lights out without your cabin leader’s permission.
  4. Any fighting involving physical contact.
  5. Being on a deck, on walkway or inside a cabin of the opposite sex.
  6. Blatant disregard or disrespect for those in authority.

What to Bring
Sleeping Bag or Bedding
Personal Hygiene Articles
Modest Swimsuit
Notebook & Pen/Pencil
Insect Repellant

What Not to Bring
Alcohol or Tobacco Products
Guns or Knives
Electronics (Cell Phones, Tablets, Music Players, Etc.)
Archery Equipment
Magazines or Comics

**Please be advised** ALL cell phones and electronic entertainment devices will be held by camp staff and w ill be labeled and locked up and will no t be accessible until camp ends.


The Following List Constitutes What Is Appropriate/Modest Dress For Camp:

Female: (midriff MUST be covered)
Medium neckline.
No plunge or low scoop fronts.
No extreme scooped or plunging backs.
No high cut thighs. No white suits.
No “see through” suits (wet or dry).
No thong style.

Male: (MUST be boxer style)
No spandex.
No white trunks.
No see through trunks (wet or dry).

No halter tops or spaghetti straps.

Shirts are to be worn at all times (even  during sports activities).

Male or Female:
Shorts are to be mid-thigh in length.
No bike shorts or running pants (i.e. not body  hugging).
No bare midriffs (tops must cover  stomach/waist).
No clothes advertising drugs, alcohol or tobacco.
No clothing with foul language on it.
No clothing with inappropriate logos or pictures.


If any cabin leader, staff member, dean or director determines that your clothing or swim wear is inappropriate you will be asked to change or wear a t-shirt over it. If, once warned, you are out of your cabin without having changed or without the t-shirt then rule six for automatic dismissal will apply.